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Women Journalists and Freedom of Expression

Women journalists are two times more likely to be victims of violence for exercising freedom of expression and because of their gender. In addition to the risks of threats and violence faced by all human rights defenders and journalists in the region, women journalists are exposed to additional or specific risks. By challenging chauvinistic stereotypes that disapprove of their participation in public life, they face discrimination based on their gender. In addition, they face a lack of protection and obstacles in access to justice that are also differentiated from their male counterparts.

The purpose of this report is to analyze the situation of women journalists in the region, and to examine the obligations of States and the private sector in the elimination of the main obstacles and specific risks faced by women journalists in the exercise of their freedom of expression.


Women Journalists:

Their Situation in the Americas


in the media

Gender based


Violence and sexual harassment

Online violence

Barriers to access to protection and justice

Estándares interamericanos

International Standards

The safety of journalists: a gender perspective

Equality in and through 

the media

Conclusions and Recommendations

To the State

To the media

To the online platforms

Concusions y recomendaciones
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